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The Army Knowledge eXchange

The Army’s ‘one-stop shop’ for Land Environment Knowledge


The Army Knowledge eXchange (AKX)

The second module of my User Experience Design MSc, UXD Content, I chose my full time job for my coursework. The task was to locate ways of making the site a tool used on a regular basis by members of the armed forces.

First the task was to create persona’s to identify the types of users likely to use the site followed by interviews with 5 different users focusing on how they felt using the site, and locating ‘pain points’ within the usage process. This was followed by a card sorting exercise to identify what content was best displayed on the front page of the site. The design was then built using WordPress content management system to demonstrate some of the interactivity that would be encouraged within the site.

As a result of this coursework, the design and some of it’s functionality is now being incorporated into the official AKX site and I’m in the process of building this in SharePoint 2013.

Design Rationale WordPress Prototype App Prototype Army Knowledge eXchange Front Page Army Knowledge eXchange Standard Page Army Knowledge eXchange Article Page

Wiltshire Council

Redesign of the Wiltshire Council Website


Wiltshire Council

As part of my User Experience Design MSc, I was tasked with going through a website to perform a CIF (Common Industry Format) usability test. The website I chose was the Wiltshire Council Website.

In order to identify issues in the current design I first identified the types of persona’s that would use the website and identified areas of the site which I felt required improvement through a heuristic evaluation.

The CIF usability test was then performed using 6 different participants. I filmed and evaluated their tasks and how they achieved their objectives, picking up key comments that were made along the way. Each participant then filled in a questionnaire explaining their opinions on how they felt the website was used.

Evaluation Report Website Wireframe App Wireframe HTML Prototype App Prototype Wiltshire Council Wiltshire Council Wiltshire Council Wiltshire Council Wiltshire Council Wiltshire Council Wiltshire Council Wiltshire Council

James Green Photographer

WordPress Theme Build

WordPress Template Build

James Green Photographer

On this website the customer’s main focus was the ability to show of the photo’s that he has taken. The design of the website was done by himself, and it was up to me to convert it into a fully working WordPress site for him to easily update.

The website uses retina display ready and also uses lazyload which ensures that images only load when required and does not slow down the site.

Live Website James Green Photographer James Green Photographer James Green Photographer James Green Photographer

Snap Happy

Interactive Advice Website - WordPress/Bootstrap 3 Theme Build

Website Design/WordPress Theme Build

Snap Happy

Snap Happy is a website associated with Riverside Performing Arts and their desire to inform young adults the dangers of ‘sexting’.

The branding and posters for the site had already been created, and using the guidelines set and the inspiration of the posters I designed and build the Snap Happy website.

The key requirement was for it to be fully responsive to reach the target audience who were likely to access using mobile phones. Interactive scenarios were created for users to learn from.

The website was designed in Photoshop and built in WordPress using Bootstrap 3 and jQuery.

Live Website Snap Happy Snap Happy Snap Happy

Interactive Transparent Displays

User Experience Design Coursework - Wireframes & Prototypes for an Interactive Transparent Displays


Interactive Transparent Display

As part of my Digital Media Specialist module of my UX MSc, I worked within a team of 6 in which we were tasked to investigate Interactive Transparent Displays and their potential uses. While they are predominantly used as a means of commercial advertisment, the team came up with the idea of using this technology, with the inclusion of additional technology to use within a zoo and collaborative commercial environment.

The team consisted of 1 Game Designer, 1 Games Programmer, 2 Computer Animators and 2 UX Designers, with my role as a UX designer to create a User Interface for the zoo platform.

We regularly communicated as a team via Google Hangouts and WhatsApp due to our various locations, and planned and executed part of our roles via Trello to keep the whole project organised.

The Wireframes were designed in Photoshop while the prototype was built using HTML 5. For a better understanding of the work involved, visit the team blog for more information.

Design Rationale HTML Prototype (Whale) HTML Prototype (Tiger) Team Blog Interactive Transparent Display Interactive Transparent Display Interactive Transparent Display Interactive Transparent Display Interactive Transparent Display Interactive Transparent Display Interactive Transparent Display

Mobile Contract Template

User Experience Design Coursework - Developing a Mobile Contract Template


Mobile Contract Template

The Media Specialist Practice – Developing a Mobile Contract Template, is a User Experience Design piece developed by Rob Clark to provide understanding and guidance in a proposed design for an online Mobile Phone Contract Template.

It explains the research and preperation to the proposed designs, and presents low and high fidelity wireframes before providing access to the finished prototype.


Looking into the world of mobile phone ecommerce, what are the type of people looking, what is people are looking for, and the journey they take to achieve their objective. After completing a card sorting exercise to discover key elements users are interested in, find the conculsions I came up and what needs to be achieved to create an effective Mobile Contract Template.


Based on the research obtained some low and high fidelity wireframes were created with the plan of achieving all that was set out within the conclusion. A style guide has been created to give more depth to how the design was created.


A working prototype has been created to demonstrate some of the functionality expected from the design. Instructions on how to use the prototype have also been provided.

For full details of the project click the button below

Project Website Mobile Contract Template Mobile Contract Template Mobile Contract Template Mobile Contract Template Mobile Contract Template


I am Rob Clark, a Web & UX Designer in Trowbridge in the West of Wiltshire near Bath in the UK. I have been within the Digital Media world since 2009 starting of as a web designer within the Ministry of Defence working on a SharePoint website called the Army Knowledge eXchange (AKX).

I have experience in Front End Development, User Experience Design and WordPress Theme Development, but there's also lots more for me to learn and new challenges to overcome.

"Perfection is not attainable, but if we chase perfection we can catch excellence." - Vince Lombardi

This quote is how I live within the Digital World. When a new task is passed to me whether big or small I strive for pecfection in order to achieve excellence. Whether it's designing a new website, examining the User Experience of an application or simply fixing that pesky bug what you will get is outstanding quality.

Rob Clark
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